Professional Distribution Services
Business Model
Business Model
  • Sourcing Of Produce – Is the first process in the service having multiple sources for produce in conjunction with volume purchasing allows Always Fresh to us to guarantee all our customers produce as require at the given price for a fixed period. The Three main sources are from packaging centers, local producers within Greece and external sources (countries within the EEC). The three main sources allows our customers to control elements regarding the pricing information and supplier reliability needed to ensure them the competitive edge in today’s competitive business environment.
  • Quality Control Process – All produce goes through the (QCP) Quality Control Process were the produce is inspected and sorted. This process guarantees the customers specification requirements, and this is the process were the detailed statistical information is collated. Produce specification standards and statistical information is obtained and continually controlled through this process and passed on to the customer as an added service.
  • Distribution Of Produce – This process in the distribution diagrams show that all customers benefit from the total control given by the distribution process, whether they be a (DC) Distribution Center or a Wholesale distributor. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through this final process because all delivery standards are adhered to and the customer’s distribution requirements are met.
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